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San Angelo Real Estate

The San Angelo region, or Texas City as it is commonly called, has one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country. It is not a secret that the real estate market of Texas City, Texas is highly active with a huge number of people looking to buy and sell homes. There are […]

What’s New With San Angelo Medical Spa?

One of the most sought-after spas in the country is San Angelo Medical Spa. This spa has been a favorite for years, and its reputation has not faded in spite of the many competitors who have entered the field. The staff at this beautiful place provides all the services you can imagine. And they do […]

San Angelo Lawyers

If you are thinking about getting a divorce in Texas, you will want to hire a San Angelo lawyer. These lawyers will give you the best chances at success. The law in Texas is very much different from that of other states. It’s a state where there is no need for a lot of documentation […]

History of the Permian Basin

The Permian Basin is a sedimentary basin located in the southern portion of the United States southwest. The basin includes the Mid-Continental Oil Field of Texas, the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, the Woodford Reserve formation of Arkansas, the Blackwater oil field of Louisiana, and the Rio Grande oilfield in Mexico. The […]

Oil and Gas Pipelines

There have been many oil exploration and drilling in West Texas since its discovery in 1872. The early history of the oil industry includes many exploration, drilling, and producing of wells. Many oil fields were discovered, most notably in East Texas, before an area was tapped in Lincoln County in 1916, followed quickly by another […]

Things to Do Around San Angelo

San Angelo, Texas is a beautiful town on the Conchos River in Texas. It has a historic fort, known as Fort Conchos, which has a museum that showcases artifacts from its heyday. It was the headquarters of the U.S. military post during the Civil War. San Antonio is another city that is near San Angelo. […]

Learn More About the Historic City of San Angelo

The San Angelo history is one of Texas’ oldest in its early days. It’s believed that the Spanish, who made their home in the area during the colonial period, brought their own religion to the area, a religion known as the “Church of the Son of God.” They left behind some of their relics, including […]

San Angelo Churches

The great thing about going to a church is that you can find a church in the city that meets your specific needs. You should know the different types of San Angelo Churches so that you will have a better chance of finding one that best fits your life style. Bishop Sanatana is located downtown. […]

San Angelo vs. San Antonio

San Angelo San Angelo is a small town on the Conchos River in Texas. It is known for having its U.S. Army post, the Concho Army post, from the late 1860s. Its beautiful buildings show original artifacts and weaponry. The Conchos River Walks is an amazing, long, paved road with beautiful walking paths, gardens, and […]

[THE BASICS] What *IS* a Christian Church?

Christian Church is an ecclesiastical term meaning the church visible comprising all Christians.┬áMany people in America have a misconception about what a Christian church is and how it differs from other religions. They believe that a Christian church is only for believers. However, this is a misconception. A person can be a non-believer and still […]