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Principles for a Happy Marriage

Principles For A Happy Marriage

     There are principles, thoughts, and attitudes that God put in the Word so that you could have a happy, fulfilled and exciting marriage, but you have to follow His divine principles.

     If you will follow God's will, God's Word, and God's plan, you will have the good marriage He wants you to have.

     God puts forth His first principle in Genesis 2:24, says, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined (or cling) to his wife and they shall become one flesh." Through marriage a couple becomes one joined together. Their love becomes one, therefore they should be for each other in covenant together. The marriage vow is a bending covenant between husband and wife. The covenant is not to be taken lightly. You must work at having a great marriage. There is more than just wanting to have a successful marriage; you must apply Biblical principles to your marriage to have a fulfilling marriage.

     Let's look at some of the important principles:

1. Commitment- this is of top priority. It is the foundation of a good marriage. If you can't make a commitment, you're not ready for marriage. Your commitment is your vow. God gives the relationship between husband and wife like Christ and the Church. He is totally committed to us. We can't hold back in any area. Jesus must be Lord in every area of your life. The same in marriage, you must totally commit to your spouse. You are to view things as, "Our life together." You must live, work and grow together. It takes a 100% commitment till death do you part. You must work at it. (Numbers 30:2-4) Fulfill your vows.

2. Sacrifice- Sacrifice means giving up what is valuable or precious to you. It means giving up your treasure and giving up your rights. Remember you give up some rights when you make a marriage contract. For example, when you have kids some of your rights are gone. You must sacrifice your feelings, your rights, your money, your time, and your life to your spouse. You must follow the plan of God it brings joy.

3. Understanding- You must be understanding, sympathetic, tolerant of another's thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Take this attitude: I want to understand others before I even consider being understood. When we give out understanding, then we will receive understanding. The principle of giving and receiving. We must understand our wives and husbands and know what they are going through on a daily basis.

4. Trust- To put confidence in, to believe in, to have settled assurance about your spouse's words and actions. Trust and trustworthiness. Trust is built or destroyed over time. If you are prompt and stand by your word you can be trusted. Being on time, and doing what you say, this brings trust. Distrust in a marriage can bring a multitude of problems. You  must build on trust and trustworthiness, by giving out trust to your spouse. Trust is a choice. Without trust you cannot have a great marriage. Jealousy breeds all kinds of problems.

5. Communication- Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a way that each one can understand. Both husband and wife have to talk to each other. It is important to communicate. Dont assume the other knows what you are thinking or feeling if you don't communicate. You must express your thoughts. You  must talk and communicate.

6. Love- Love is caring. Love is giving with selflessness and without conditions. Love covers, protects, guards and shields. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) Love covers a multitude of failures and weaknesses. Love must be one of the main things in every marriage. You will learn to grow in love as the years pass.

Remember: Don't be blinded by love. Don't think you can change someone after you get married. The changes must be done before or look somewhere else. Oh, I'll get him or her saved after we are married. I'll change that after we are married.


Questions for Married Couples

These questions are designed to help you celebrate each other, to listen, to learn, to dream, to remind you of why God brought you together, what holds you together, and what makes you unique.

1. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done with or for me?

2. For you, is our marriage more like a river or an ocean? In what ways?

3. When did you first realize that you were in love with me? Describe the setting and how you knew.

4. In what ways has our marriage helped you believe in miracles?

5. What are three things you like about me (and would like even if we were not married)?

6. If your life were a sermon, what would be the message?

7. If you were to write one golden rule for a happy, healthy marriage, what would this rule be?

8. In what ways are we a perfect match? In what ways do our differences create friction? What can we do to capitalize on our differences so they enhance our marriage?

9. When do you feel most blessed to have me as your mate?

10. In what ways in our marriage a pleasureable aroma to God?