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Prayer Dynamics

Prayer Dynamics

The word dynamics has to do with “force,” “energy,” and “motion.” What we need as believers is to know how to have a dynamic prayer life. E.M. Bounds writes that one of the most important things a leader/pastor can do for their people is teach them to pray. Once they know how to pray, then get them to pray.

Let’s start by looking at some ingredients of praying. Prayer is producing these things that we desire from God- it is worship. Prayer gives you the desires of your heart. Mark 11:24, Psalm 37:4 The word of God is His will. I John 5:14 So when you pray His word, you are praying His will.

As a believer you must understand you authority with God and your authority on this earth. Psalm 115:16, “The heavens, even the heavens are the Lord’s. But the earth He has given to the children of man.” In other words, God gave man dominion or the domain of the earth to rule. God gave man authority on the planet and it has not been revoked. By your birth on this planet, God has given you authority. There are three areas of authority:

  1. The authority of God and the Kingdom of Righteousness
  2. The authority of Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness
  3. The authority of man and the Kingdom of Man, Kings, and Queens

Question? Why was it necessary for Jesus to come in the form of man?

Answer: Since God never revoked mans dominion on earth, Jesus had to come legally in the form of man in order to have legal entrance into earth so that He could defeat the devil and give man authority back that was lost in Adam. John 10:1-2 Jesus entered by legal birth, Satan stole his authority from Adam and Eve. Galatians 4:4 says Jesus was born of woman as a human being. So the action on earth precedes the action in heaven because we have authority on the earth. Matthew 18:18 When we receive the Holy Spirit into us and we are legal vessels through which we can influence the course of mankind. Romans 8:26-27 The Holy Spirit prays through us as vessels to pray the mend and will of God. We are not to give authority to Satan and he cannot take it because man is authority on this earth. So why does the church give and allow Satan to have authority? I think a lot of believers are misinformed and have a lack of knowledge about the truth of God’s word and the mission of the church. They simply do not know the Bible. Hosea 4:6 Prayer is the taking the power of God and the authority of God in His Kingdom and combining them to your authority in order to produce the desired result. James 5:16. Prayer is the activation of your will. We must be submitted to God’s will- His word. God’s “will” on this earth is performed through His “church.” When we put our will in faith and God’s will together, nothing shall be impossible for us. Luke 1:37-38 For you to know prayer dynamics and not use them, you are held greatly accountable (Jesus said). You will be judged according to the level of knowledge you have. Luke 18:1, V7-8. You must develop an intimate relationship with God. Everything you receive from God is based upon your relationship with Him. In Jeremiah 33:3, God says, “Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.”

I want to close with some hindrances to prayer.

  1. Doubt or unbelief- unbelief can stop God’s power from coming to you. Doubt is the enemy and thief of God’s blessings and answers to prayer. Double mindedness, having belief on “any other spiritual thing” other than God’s word will rob you. You must do it God’s way.
  2. Lack of understanding or knowledge of righteousness- being in right standing with God. Go into prayer declaring you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. II Corinthians 5:21 You have a robe of righteousness. Not having guilt consciousness
  3. Lack of knowledge of your right to use the name of Jesus. John 16:23, Philippians 2:10-11 The Highly exalted name of Jesus. All the power in prayer is in the name of Jesus.
  4. A lack of knowledge in the integrity of God’s word. You must believe it is God inspired. II Timothy 3:16 and it is the only truth we have to today.
  5. Strife I Peter 3:7 Strife between mates and others
  6. Wrong heart condition- unforgiveness, bitterness. Mark 11:25. I want to close by challenging you today to pray everyday. Get into a habit of praying.

Pray for our nation and for our nation to return its values back to the Bible. Pray for the church in America- for the church to not be blinded and to pray and vote for righteousness. Pray for our military for protection and for our schools.


-Dr. Jerry Roach