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August 2018

Dr. Roach goes through the many events occuring at VCC such as the Camp Meeting, VBS, youth trips, and much more.

August 2018

16 August 2018

Pastor's Update in August

Camp Meeting:

We had a great camp meeting in July with Rev. Jeremy Pearsons of Ft. Worth and Rev. Justin Bridges of Crowley, Texas. Many people were manifested to through the Holy Spirit.

Vacation Bible School:

We just finished our vacatio bible school. Twenty-three kids asked Jesus into their hearts. Glory to God!

Youth Update:

Our youth group went to YFN, a youth mission in Dallas at CFNI. They came back on fire for God. A large group of youth also went to Midland for "Rock the Desert". They all had a great spiritual experience. Nexct week, Aug. 22 they head back to school. ASU starts on Aug. 27th. Seems like a short summer!

Sanctuary Update:

We now have our plans at the permit office and bids are out to rebuild the sanctuary. Hopefully we will start September. It will take 5-7 months to rebuild.

Angelo Bible College:

The bible college is going well. We now have the Masters Program up and running.Lots of new students!

Pray for our nation an the upcoming elections in the mid-term. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the President.

God Bless you.