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The Marriage You Have Always Wanted

Marriage and Family Series - The Marriage You Have Always Wanted

God set forth instructions for successful marriage and family early on in His plan for mankind. We see in the Genesis account that God ordained marriage and the family unit. (Genesis 2:24). This was God's doing and the devil is always trying to destroy everything God has given to man. The devil tries to destroy the marriage relationship and the family unit because he knows the power that is in a strong family that prays together and the family that serves God.

The Apostle Paul gives us some keys that will make a marriage great! Phil.2:3-4 Honor Your Wife. "esteem" the other person better than yourself." Look out for the interest of your wife. Show Respect. Eph. 4:29-30." Let no corrupt words come out of your mouth.". Be Kind and Tenderhearted, Forgiving. Eph. 4:32.Don't take your wife for granted. Don't look for the negative things to be critical. Love never ends or passes away. ICorth. 13:4-8. Wives are to: Honor and Cherish their Husbands. Treat them with Respect , Show them Dignity. Bear with one another and forgive one another. Col3:13-15. Make sure you have good communications with one another. Your marriage is to be full of God"s love. You must work at having a great marriage. It is a Choice. Pastor Jerry.