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Principles For A Happy Marriage

Marriage and Family Series - Principles For A Happy Marriage

God has placed in the Word principles to be followed in order for us to enjoy a happy, fulfilled marriage. But we must follow His principles to be successful. If we will follow God's Word and God's plan, we will experience the good marriage He wants us to have.

God puts forth His first principle in Genesis 2:24. “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined (or cling) to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Through the marriage covenant, a couple becomes one. The marriage vow is a binding covenant between husband and wife. This covenant is not to be taken lightly. You must work at having a great marriage. It takes more than just wanting to have a successful marriage. You must apply biblical principles to your marriage to have a fulfilling marriage. Let's look at some of these important principles.

1- Commitment- This is a top priority. Commitment is the foundation of a good marriage. If you can't make a commitment, you are not ready for marriage. Your commitment is your vow. God views the relationship between husband and wife like Christ and the church. He is totally committed to us. We can't hold back any area. Jesus must be Lord in every area of your life. The same is true in marriage. You must be totally committed to your spouse. You are to view all things as “our life together.” You must love, work, and grow together. It takes a 100% commitment on the part of each partner- till death do you part. You must work at it- Numbers 30:2-4. Fulfill your vows.

2- Sacrifice- Sacrifice means giving up what is valuable or precious to you. It means giving up your treasure and giving up your rights. Remember, you give up some rights when you enter into a marriage contract. For example, when you have children, some of your rights are gone. At times, you must sacrifice your feelings, your rights, your money, your time, and your life. You must follow the plan of God. This sacrifice brings joy.

3- Understanding- You must be understanding, sympathetic, and tolerant of another person's thoughts and feelings. Take this attitude: I want to understand others before I can even consider being understood. When we give understanding, then we will receive understanding.

This is the principle of giving and receiving. We must understand our wives and husbands and know what they are going through on a daily basis.

4- Trust- The word means to put confidence in, to believe in, to have settled assurance about something. Trust can be built or destroyed over time. It is important to stand by your word so you can be trusted. Doing what you say- this brings trust.

Distrust in a marriage can bring a multitude of problems. This is a choice. Without trust you cannot have a great marriage.

5- Communication- Is sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other in a way that can be understood. Both husband and wife have to talk to each other.

It is vitally important to communicate. Don't assume the other knows what you are thinking and feeling. You must communicate with each other. You must express your thoughts and feelings.

6- Love- Love is caring. Love is giving of oneself without selfishness and without conditions. Love covers, protects, guards, and shields. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

Love covers a multitude of failures and weaknesses.

Love must be the main ingredient in every marriage.

You will begin to grow in love as the years pass.

Remember- don't be blinded by love. Don't think you can change someone after you get married. (I'll get him or her saved after we are married. I'll change them after we are married). The changing must be done before or look somewhere else.