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Building the Foundation for your Kids Future

Marriage and Family Series - Building the Foundation for your Kids Future

In these topsy-turvy economic times we have to lay a strong foundation for the future of our kids. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 12:27 that the foundations will be shaken. We are experiencing that in the time we live in with the economy, job market, and natural disasters all over our world and around us. What can we do to ensure the future of our kids is a bright and successful one? First of all, we need to pray that God will give us the wisdom to impart a lasting foundation of character and faith in our kids that will direct them to excel, prosper, and flourish in every area of their life.

The wisdom God gives you will guide you in how to do this. Every situation and child is different and may require a variety of methods that God will show you. What God shows you to do will be successful in producing the character and pattern revolution results you need to establish in your child’s character and faith? The implantation of the foundation is poured through your own example. Your example is materialized by your own behavior and patterns. Your example typifies your own character and faith. Your example is exhibited by your kids on a continual, daily basis. You can be certain that the example you lead them by will set a permanent foundation in their minds. That example must be a lasting foundation of character and faith. Our example should reflect what Gods Word tells us to be and how to live by faith.

We teach our children how to worry and stress and God has to unlearn us from these habits and then teach us how to be stress- and anxiety-free around our children. It takes years of training your mind not to live in worry, so why would you want to train your children to worry? Tear down every stronghold that rises up against the knowledge of God. That means that you have to demolish the strongholds of worry in your mind and change the patterns that you have enforced every day through worry and stress. Demolishing is a process that involves effort and action.

The Holy Spirit will give you the strength to demolish all the strongholds in your mind, but you have to be willing to work with Spirit and flow in His anointing to allow the process of demolition to begin. After we demolish our own strongholds, then we will be able to prevent strongholds of fear, worry, anxiety, and doubt from erecting themselves in our kid’s minds.

This is a timely word and facet in the kingdom of God right now as we live in our current economy and focus on the future of our children. "As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation." (Proverbs 10:25) Begin to build an everlasting foundation of faith in your kids today!