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Principles of Investing

Before you start investing, know this:

   • God is your source

      o Philippians 4:19

   • Seek God first in everything

      o Matthew 6:33

   • Decisions require responsibility. Decisions cannot be unilateral in marriage.

   • Tithing is a basic visible evidence of faith

   • Get out and stay out of debt. Debt can become a ruler over your life.

   • Start where you are with what you have

   • Live within your means and have a budget

   • Put at least one month of pay aside for emergency matters. It is best to have 3 months, but start with one month.

Principles of Investing:

   • Before investing, investigate. Check things out. Get several opinions. Then peace is the key.

   • Know your temperament. Low, moderate, or high. There is always risk involved; but never gamble. It is always best to go the safe route.

   • It must be in unity. If it isn’t in unity, it doesn’t exist. Make sure you understand everything and it is in unity. Never be too cheap to have a good attorney. Especially if real estate is involved.

   • Never Quit!