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10 Ways How to Save $50,000

1. Chop your mortgage

     a. Refinance your mortgage if possible from 30 years to 15 years

     b. Change your interest rate

2. Move to a cheaper place

     a. Go to a less expensive place

3. Do your own work around the house

     a. Yard, landscaping, fencing, etc.

     b. Upgrade your home—Add insulation and seal cracks

4. Cut one big ticket item

     a. Focus on a single large expense that you can reduce or eliminate

     b. Give up one of your big toys—Boat, RV, car, motorcycle, etc.

5. Bundle small savings

     a. Food—Groceries

     b. Eating out—Expensive

     c. Insurance—Shop around and get bids

     d. Energy—Electric—Get bids

     e. Cars—Cut down on gas and

     f. Vacation—Search for bargains and drive

6. Keep you budget habits—Spending diet

     a. Stop impulse buying

     b. Change expensive habits to shopping wisely

     c. Shop with a list and sick to it

     d. Decrease entertainment spending

     e. Put money aside for special goals

7. Education, school, and college

     a. Go public if possible

     b. State University

8. Encourage your kids to get scholarships and grants

     a. College students—Live at home and get scholarships

     b. Get grants and need to work while they go to school

9. Get any tax break you can get

     a. This saves money on tax return

     b. 401K Roth-IRA

     c. Charitable giving

     d. Child tax credit

     e. Check out all deductions

10. Lower your investment costs and know what your costs are

     a. Look at index funds—Stock-Bond index fund

     b. Check the Brokerage Houses and costs